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foodie (noun informal) – a person with a particular interest in food, a gourmet

I’m Nicole; devoted foodie, proud mother and a real stickler for grammar and the correct use of the English language.

I love writing and have a passion for all things delicious. I started Miss Friday’s Feast in August 2012 as a place to share my passion for good food. Little did I know there was a thriving blogging community out there waiting, but boy am I glad there is. I have met some wonderful people who are just as enthusiastic about sharing their recipes and ideas.

So a little about me, I’m 28 and would describe myself as ambitious and down to earth (if it’s possible to be both of those things at once). I have a daughter called Jemima and I’m soon to be married to my wonderful partner Richard. My interests include cooking, music, reading, running, writing, interior design and meeting the girls down the pub for a gin or two.

When I’m not blogging, or drinking gin, I work as a Bid Manager for a facilities company and love every minute of it, it often involves me working on catering opportunities, so that’s great. In terms of goals, I have many, but I guess the most significant being that I’d like to write a recipe book one day.

When I started out with Miss Friday’s Feast I had no defined objectives. It was more a case of exploring the world of food blogs that were already out there and I remember thinking to myself I could do this. So here we are. I have come to realise this blogging malarkey is as much about sharing the joys of food and discovering new ingredients as it is sharing my recipes and ideas.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts (or ramblings) and trying out my recipes, as much as I enjoy sharing them. I hope to appeal to a wide audience by providing budget friendly recipes.

I love reading the comments people leave on my posts, it makes it all worth while and makes me feel content that actually I may have found something I’m good at. So thank you all for your wonderful support and kind words.

All the best, Nicole x


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