My Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen; it is without doubt my favourite place to be. Whether I’m knee deep in flour whipping up a batch of cakes or cookies, or lovingly labouring over a steaming stew or casserole, I’m never happier than when I’m pondering about in my beautiful kitchen or reading one of my many recipe books.


I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favourite kitchen gadgets. Generally speaking, I’m not one for flashy expensive gadgets that are usually over priced and quite frankly completely unnecessary. That said, there are a few select pieces of kitchen equipment that I really couldn’t be without.

MagimixMagimix XL Food Processor – I was lucky enough to win a Magimix in a competition on the Gormandize website. I entered a recipe that my friend Lee and I devised for cold beetroot soup. You can view the winning recipe here. I use the Magimix for many tasks, making pastry and bread dough, as well as slicing and grating. It’s a very robust machine and is great for many heavy duty tasks.


OptigrillTefal Optigrill – We’ve always had a George Forman Grill, that was until Tefal sent me an Optigrill, I know lucky me right! Having tried it out, we decided that it was far better than the George. To be honest, it’s not something we use everyday, but it’s great for steaks and toasties. You can read my full product review here.


Chef's KnifeChef’s Knife – If you invest in one thing in the kitchen let it be a decent Chef’s knife. The Chef’s knife is a good all rounder that can be used for most cutting jobs. Make sure it’s a good sharp one – it’s worth splashing out a little. I have a Sabatier one that I use for just about everything, I rarely use any other knife.


Garlic Press

Jamie’s Quick ‘n’ Easy Garlic Press – Now, I don’t mind chopping garlic, but sometimes you need a large quantity and having a decent garlic press makes the job much more joyful. I’ve had a few in the past, most of which ended up in the bin because they were quite frankly rubbish, but the Jamie Oliver Quick ‘n’ Easy one is very good and fairly easy to clean.


Hand BlenderHand Blender – This all round tool includes a heavy duty stick blender, whisk and mini food processor. This is perhaps my favourite gadget, I really do get lots of use out of. It was a birthday gift from my friend at work. I use the stick blender attachment for soups and sauces and the whisk for cakes etc, whilst the mini blender comes in handy for the smaller jobs that don’t require the Magimix – and it’s much easier to wash up!


graterSteel Extra Fine Grater/ Microplane – The fine grater on the side of your box grater will do the same job right? Wrong! Box graters are naff, and I’ll tell you for why, you only ever use the coarse side, rendering the other three sides useless. This is a super sharp fine grater that is perfect for zesting citrus fruit or grating nutmeg and parmesan extra fine.


egg topperEgg Topper – I’m happy to admit this one is totally unnecessary and a little kitsch, but I love it in all it’s 1970’s glory – the egg topper. We love boiled eggs for breakfast in this house, so I guess that makes it totally necessary!