Meeting Matt Tebbutt at Cressing Temple Autumn Food, Home & Craft Fair

There are a whole host of celebrity and TV chefs out there, but few of them that have that laid back simplistic approach to cooking that I love. Matt Tebbutt definitely falls into that category, despite his training at Leith’s School of Food and Wine, he remains fairly grounded when it comes to food. He is probably best known for co-presenting Market Kitchen alongside Rachel Allen.

I was lucky enough to meet him at the Cressing Temple Autumn Food, Home and Craft Fair last week where he was hosting a cookery demonstration. He cooked a delicious glazed salmon dish with soy, sugar and Mirin (Japanese rice wine) with a sweetcorn fitter and pickled cucumber salad. Unfortunately, we only had a tiny taste as there was quite a crowd, but what we did taste was delicious. Even Rich, who isn’t a fan of salmon said it was very nice.

I’ve enjoyed watching Matt on many TV programmes on Food Network, particularly 12 Chefs of Christmas, not least because I love Christmas, but also because he really does have a great way of ensuring that his recipes are easy to replicate – one of my pet hates being pretentious food. Matt happened to mention that he isn’t a fan of MasterChef for that very reason. Well done that man – it’s refreshing to hear a TV chef say this.

As well as his loathing of MasterChef, Matt also talked about a few things he has been up to recently, including a new restaurant project Schpoons & Forx for Hilton in Bournemouth opening in December this year. He’s also been busy filming a new six part series ‘Lost and Starving’ (a cooking in the wilderness type show) with Kiwi survivalist Josh James which is due to air on the Discovery channel in January – the show sees the pair foraging for food in challenging environments in order to survive. I’ll certainly be popping that one on series link, I do love a good new foodie series to watch.

And here we are (Jemima and me) meeting him – couldn’t resist a cheeky photo opportunity!

Matt Tebbutt