It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

… and toys are most certainly everywhere… all over my lounge floor that is. As if pulling out the Christmas decorations and untangling the yards of spaghetti entwined lights isn’t a task in itself. Try doing it with wooden blocks and various other toys underfoot. We figured, rather than trying desperately to adorn the Christmas tree with lights before Jemima pulled the whole thing over, we’d wait until she was asleep. A genius plan I know!

Before your life is blessed with the joy of children you have no concept of just how difficult the smallest tasks become. There are thousands of smug child free people out there right now admiring their wonderfully glistening, beautifully decorated trees. Spare a thought for us parents who, by Christmas day, will be sick of the sight of our half decorated, bare and withered looking trees that have been abused by small human beings. In my desperation to keep the tree looking it’s best I have imprisoned it in a child proof play pen (picture below).

I already know Christmas is going to be more exciting this year. Jemima is at such a wonderful age for it. Sure she’ll enjoy ripping the paper and playing with the boxes more than the toys, but who cares? Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year and Richard is just as keen on the festive season as me. We love nothing more than to get busy in the kitchen making mince pies, gingerbread muffins, sausage rolls and Christmas cocktails. Then of course there’s Richard’s famous Christmas lunch. I’d say that makes me one lucky girl.

We often host Christmas lunch for a large crowd, but this year is very much an exception. It’s just me, Richard and Jemima and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That said, we are going to a family party in the evening, which means, drinking, laughing and an inevitable hangover on Boxing Day.

Friday is my last working day before I have two weeks off work. Hurrah! And, family time means cooking time! I’m really looking forward to getting back in the kitchen and turning out some delicious festive treats. I have finished all of my Christmas gift shopping which means I’ll have plenty of time to make a whole host of edible Christmas gifts, so keep a look out for the recipes.

The greatest joy

Becoming a parent is the greatest joy you’ll ever experience. Becoming a parent and working full time is the greatest tiredness you’ll ever experience. It means I rarely have time to blog. I feel completely out of sorts with the blogging world as I knew it. Having a break from blogging has made me realise that the priorities in my life have so much more meaning now. Sure I love blogging, but I love Jemima unconditionally (tantrums and all) and that’s pretty special. Over the Christmas holidays though, I am going to forge out some time to read other food blogs and get busy in my own kitchen working up some content for my blog.

Every year I say that my new year’s resolution is to blog more and every year find myself reviewing that progress in December and I find I’ve yet again not had the time to keep this resolution. So this year, I’m not going to pledge to blog more, cook more or be regimented in the way I write this blog, I am simply going to remember the reasons I began writing this blog. Cooking and writing are my hobbies and a much needed distraction from everyday life.

And, do you know what? If only a handful of people read it, that’s okay with me.

Merry Christmas one and all… happy cooking!

Mummy & Jemima at the Christmas Market
The Jemima proofed Christmas tree

4 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  1. Sally-Ann pickford says:

    Well Nicole yours was the first ever blog I’ve ever read !!!!
    Keep up the cooking and writing as busy mums need some down time just to remind them of who they once were (not that you’d ever go back!)
    Lovely read and I’m looking forward to the next one.
    Happy Christmas to you all xxx

  2. Elaine Bentley-Emery says:

    I love your blogs Nicole, I always am left wanting more and this one is no exception…please if you get time publish more festive recipes, was only looking up the gingerbread muffin one yesterday (made them last year and they went down a storm) love to You, Rich & Jemima….xxx

    • That’s very sweet – thank you Elaine. I’m absolutely planning to post as many festive recipes as I have time to make and write up. Merry Christmas to you and Diego! x

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