We’ve got big news…

This is me and my gorgeous boyfriend Richard… and we’ve been harbouring this little secret for far too long… we though’t it was time to share it with the world…

Nic & Rich

So it turns out I’m pregnant! But the early days really aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Don’t get me wrong I’m ecstatic, excited and overjoyed by the prospect of becoming a mum for the first time, but boy is it a rough old ride. I’ve been fighting relentless sickness and fatigue for the past six weeks – on the plus side I have lost a few more pounds which brings me right to my target weight of nine stone! Yippee! Every cloud and all that. But of course, this weight loss hasn’t occurred without the endless worry that I’m not giving baby enough nutrients and all that good stuff – but when you can’t keep anything down it’s impossible not to worry.

Being a food blogger and tackling morning sickness (which by the way doesn’t just occur in the morning) is near on impossible. I’ve been unable to eat cooked food for such a long time – and I didn’t think anyone would be interested in a blog post about peanut butter on toast, tomato soup or ginger biscuits – all of which I was assured would make me feel better – I can tell you honestly it didn’t.

Having battled through the past few weeks, I’m staring to feel slightly human again, and I even managed to eat a whole plate of roast dinner this week – which I was so pleased about. It tasted wonderful and I felt so relieved not to see it again after I’d eaten it (sorry if that’s too much information). Considering I feel better and have started to re-gain my appetite a little I’m hoping to resume normal service on the blog over the coming week. At this point I should apologise for my absence – but hopefully now you know the reason why you’ll forgive me.

I’ve been scrolling through my food pictures and have discovered that in fact the last time I cooked a proper meal and enjoyed it was the 27th January, which happens to coincide with the time I found out I was pregnant. It’s definitely time I started getting back in the swing of cooking and enjoying proper meals.

I couldn’t write this post without including a picture of our little bub, here he/she is at 12 weeks 3 days… and NO we are not finding out the sex! I’ve been given a due date of 15th September which is only 2 weeks before my birthday. Baby was wiggling about all over the place, legs in the air and everything!


Finding out you are pregnant sends you on an exciting journey for a baby name too, I’ve been making a list already. The trouble is one minute you love a name the next you hate it and I mean really hate it. Or, your other half mentions a name that you hate! This happened the other day, he mentioned a girls name he really likes and I laughed out loud. I couldn’t help it, it was awful! So I’m open to suggestions people…