Jamie Oliver’s Steamed Asian Chicken & Cabbage Parcels

I have a slight obsession with recipe books; in fact I’m running out of space for them in my kitchen. I’ve discovered that the only place to buy them is a charity shop. Indeed, all of the charity shops in my town sell 3 books for £1 –even large hardback recipe books. I’ve recently found various Jamie Oliver books lurking amongst the shelves. Why someone would get rid of a Jamie book is beyond me. I’ve always found his recipes to be so inspirational. I love the different elements he brings to them, nothing is served without an accompanying salad or side dish, and it’s really creative.
This recipe is from Jamie’s Kitchen – one of his earlier books – I can tell this by the young, fresh faced lad with a cheeky grin on the cover (sorry Jamie). The book is brimming with recipes that look delicious; I can’t wait to test more of them.
This recipe really appealed to me, those of you who read my blog often enough will know this is because of the pungent Asian flavours. I love the idea of little parcels that can be dipped in the sweet chilli sauce – for me that is food that is fun – and totally delicious.

A Totally Delicious Asian Treat

Click here for the recipe!


Fruit Purée Ice Lollies

Despite the fact that it’s July, the weather seems to have been rather horrid. The past couple of days we’ve seen torrential downpours and intolerable sticky humid nights. Typically, the few sunny days we have had have been during the week when most of us work. Nevertheless, it is July; it is summer, even if the weather is hell bent on convincing us otherwise. Having said that, this week is set to be the hottest of the year so far…
Remember those plastic ice lolly moulds you had as a kid? Yep – you know the ones I mean, almost everyone has one of these lurking somewhere at the back of a cupboard or drawer. Perhaps it’s lost at the back of the ice box in the fridge? If you’ve got one – find it. If you’ve never owned one – buy one and get making these delicious fruit purée lollies.
Today’s recipe is ice lollies of course, or popsicles if you are from across the pond. Not just any old ice lollies either – healthy fruit purée lollies to help keep your bikini body in shape. These fresh and fruity lollies couldn’t be easier to make and you really can pick which ever fruits you like. I choose Mango and Raspberry. You do need to add a little sugar to the raspberries as they can be quite sharp, add sugar and taste to ensure you get the balance right. You can also add a little fresh orange juice to the raspberries to dilute the tart flavour.
These lollies are simply delicious and so refreshing on hot and sunny day – the kids love them too. They will keep in the freezer for a good few months. Next I’m going to try coconut and raspberry lollies with natural yoghurt and coconut milk for a creamier lolly.

Is it just me, or are Mangos slippery little blighters? I still can’t cut one without a struggle, so hats off you if you’ve mastered it. Mangos have a flat long pit in the centre, the trick is to try and cut around this, a good guide for cutting them can be found here.

Mango & Raspberry Ice Lollies

1 mango, diced
1 punnet of raspberries
3 tspb of sugar
Place the mango into a large glass jug and blend into a purée using a stick blender. Do the same with the raspberries, except this time add the sugar as you blend.
Pour the mango purée into the ice lolly mould, making sure you leave room at the top for the raspberry purée . Place the mould into the freezer for 1 hour, remove the mould and add the raspberry purée – place the full moulds into the freezer and leave for at least 4 hours.

Miss Friday’s 100th Blog Post

This marks my 100th post on Miss Friday’s Feast. Yes, really. Hurrah for me right? So, what does one post to mark such a milestone? The truth is this post would have come a week earlier had I been able to make my mind up. My top hundred favourite foods, my top 10 or most popular blog posts from the past, a celebration recipe…? The possibilities are endless.
I’ve decided to post a collection of pictures to give you an insight into a few of the things I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been so busy I just have to share it all with you. I managed to blag myself hospitality tickets to the Taste of London show with work, which as you can imaging was immense. Free champagne, spending money and all that delicious food, what’s not to love? That’s not even the best part, I was lucky enough to meet one of the most successful celebrity chefs – Michel Roux Jr, and had my photograph taken with him as he signed me one of his recipe books. That certainly topped my week, my month in fact.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one month, my dear friend Lee finished making me a new shelf/cupboard to house my recipe books, and it’s just about the most beautiful shelf I’ve ever seen. We sat down and discussed what storage I needed and what type of design I wanted. You can’t beat a beautiful bespoke piece of furniture, look how pretty she is!

So what else has been happening? Well, I ran the Pretty Muddy race and raised £198 for Cancer Research. It was such a fun day and all for a very good cause. There is still time to raise money, so if you’re feeling generous and would like to sponsor me, even £1, you can do so by clicking this link. Your support is really appreciated.

I’ve been writing Miss Friday’s Feast for almost two years now and every post has been a pleasure to plan, develop, cook, photograph, write and share with you lovely people. I’ve always taken an interest in food, but this blog has allowed me to develop that interest into a real passion. I’ve loved sharing my recipes and listening to the wonderful feedback. Knowing that people are genuinely interested and sometimes impressed by the recipes you share really does make all the difference. Which brings me on nicely to saying thank you to my readers, without you writing this blog wouldn’t be worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong there were a few hairy moments in the beginning where I thought I was the only one reading it. But, over the past (nearly) two years I’ve seen my audience grow, which makes me very happy indeed.

Writing this blog has seen me through some pretty crappy times, when I just wanted to bury my head and stay locked in the house, my blog was always there waiting to be written. Even when things were back on track and I rarely felt I had time to write, when I eventually did, here it was still waiting, just like my readers for which I am eternally grateful.