Happy Birthday Miss Friday!

A year ago today I made the plunge; the plunge into the world of blogging that is.
I literally cannot believe Miss Friday’s Feast is a year old and thriving more than ever. Hurrah for me, I couldn’t be happier with my achievements, and how far my little blog has come. In all honesty, when I set about creating Miss Friday’s Feast, I didn’t ever imagine it would evolve to become such an amazing hobby and inspire as many people as it appears to. There was a period of time (quite a long period in fact) whereby I thought I was the only person to read it, but then came the comments and wonderful feedback from you lovely people, my readers. And, it’s you I have to thank, you’ve kept me going, when perhaps I might have got a little bored or disheartened, you’ve spurred me on to accomplish something I can be truly proud of. It’s through this sense triumph, I feel able to continue with my culinary adventures for another year, and god knows, hopefully many more – the world is my oyster (no food pun intended, honest).
I’ve said it before; Miss Friday’s Feast is as much about personal discovery for me, as it is my readers. I’ve never confessed to being knowledgeable about food, or even being a great cook for that matter. But what I do know is, I love food and I adore discovering new flavours, colours and delicious cuisines from around the globe. Perhaps, I am now able to proudly say I’m a fully fledged foodie, or that I feel like one at least. If you’re looking for pretentious fine dining, you’ve come to the wrong place. For me, Miss Friday’s Feast is about simple homemade grub and that’s the way I intend to keep it.  
I’ve learnt a colossal amount over the past year, it would be impossible to sum it all up in one paragraph, but I’ll try. I’ve learnt how to make pastry, pasta and pizza dough. I’ve learnt how to write HTML code. I’ve learnt how to use Twitter, Google + and Pinterest. I’ve learnt not to be obsessive about blog stats; I’ve learnt that simple food is often best. I’ve learnt my ex boyfriend and I were completely incompatible and I wasted a lot of time pretending not to notice. I’ve learnt that when you’re at your lowest, it’s harder than ever to get motivated, but I’ve also learnt that it feels great when you finally do. I’ve learnt that people are kind, very kind, and will give you more encouragement and recognition than you’d ever expect. I’ve learnt to grow my own vegetables; I’ve also learnt that they die if you forget to water them. I’ve learnt to keep an eye on the oven, as its easier burn things than you think. I’ve learnt how to cook authentic Italian cuisine, I’ve learnt that you can never have too many recipe books, I’ve learnt not to waste food, but to reinvent your leftovers, I’ve learnt that I still hate moving house, I’ve learnt that there are some wonderful other food bloggers out there, I’ve learnt that I dislike pretentious food, but feel quite the opposite about posh gin. I’ve learnt I must invest in a decent camera and continue to strive for improvement with everything I set my mind to. But, above all, I’ve learnt to be passionate about what I love and enjoy it unconditionally, and that’s cooking and writing this blog for you, my ever faithful readers.
I couldn’t end this post without sharing a pick of my favourite recipes from the past year, so here they are:
·         Chicken & Cashew Curry
·         Thai Chilli Chicken
·         South West Indian Fish Curry

Finally, I just wanted to say a massive thank you and dedicate this first year of blogging to my wonderful friends who inspire me beyond belief. They keep me on track through the hard times (with gin), and encourage me to believe in myself and stand up for what I believe in. Without them I’m certain I’d never have achieved as much as I already have. I’d also be a lot more sober, which in itself is a sobering thought!