The Hairy Bikers’ Chicken Jalfrezi

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of curries and I love the Hairy Bikers. So, when I discovered their latest book at the weekend I was ecstatic. Great Curries is an amazing 384 page bible of curries from all over, showcasing poultry, meat, fish and vegetable curries, as well as an impressive array of sides, breads and rice dishes. Worth £15 of anyone’s money! Well, at least it was, until I discovered I could have purchased it on Amazon for £10. Anyway… this is a slightly odd post really as the recipe I’m sharing is actually from The Hairy Dieters’ recipe book that you may have seen in my January giveaway. But, I thought I’d share with you my joy of the new book in my growing collection.
This Jalfrezi recipe is brilliant, its spicy, flavoursome and the best part is that it’s healthy. With just 279 calories per serving you could have curry more often than you think. But, if you’re on a diet just remember the rice is extra.
It’s also worth me mentioning that I have made this curry (from the recipe) about six times already, so I know its fool proof and down right tasty. The last time that I made it I decided to add some spinach at the end which was a lovely addition, and I know it’s not strictly authentically Indian, but I tend to use birds eye chillies instead of the long green ones. I like the heat!

For the Hairy Biker’s Recipe click here!

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